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All of us that have worked on this site direct a massive and heartfelt thank you to all the countless scientists, doctors, nurses and support staff that have spent their lives working for a better tomorrow. We have read just a tiny fraction of your work, and most of you never got to publish anything, but it has helpt us enourmously.

The internet is a fantastic resource and has been of uncalcuable help to us. All of the scientific papers and reports that we use as sources for our facts are freely avaiable online for everyone. This access to the scientific information is what have made this site possible and what makes it possible for us to give you access to our work.

Further more the making of this site would not have been possible without a lot of volountary work and support from several institutions. All of us that have worked on this site therefor direct a special thank you to the following:

Indiana Historical Society

For generously sharing the fantastic photo that we use at the top of our site. They have said that they will gladly share it with others as long as you contact them about it first. You can find their press contact information at